About Asphalt & Wax Innovation & Green Asphalt Technologies

Asphalt & Wax Innovation, LLC (AWI) commenced operations in April 2006 under the ownership of Prem Naidoo who retired from 30 years service with Shell International and 10 years service with Sasol International as Research & Development Chemist. AWI performs research and development, quality control, and consultation for all aspects of the roofing and paving industries. Combining six decades of chemistry experience with engineering, at AWI we pride ourselves on creating enhanced polymer and wax solutions to benefit all industries.

Green Asphalt Technologies, LLC (GAT) was registered and started operations in September 2008 and is operated by Terry Naidoo. GAT has a mission to develop eco-friendly solutions to enhance and benefit the asphalt industry as a whole. Specifically, GAT focus is on the responsible usage of recycled asphalt pavements and shingles going into the asphalt pavements of today.

Both companies operate primarily in the research and technology development field, forging relationships with other suitable companies for sales, marketing, and commercialization. This has been a successful business model for AWI & GAT who welcome the opportunity to partner with other progressive and innovative organizations in all industries.