EcoGreen SPA 140

A high-melt point vegetable based wax EcoGreen SPA 140 has been proven to be compatible with a wide range of asphalt binders allowing for:

  • Increased Softening Point & Stiffness Modulus
  • Decreased Penetration
  • Reduced Tackiness
  • Improved Ductility at 25°C

In contrast to polymers and other waxes, EcoGreen SPA 140 accomplishes the above with virtually no effect on the fluidity and viscosity of the asphalt binder.

EcoGreen SPA 140 SDS

Asphalt Softening Point (°F) Penetration (0.1mm)
Base 125.3 56
1% EcoGreen SPA140 135.6 45
2% EcoGreen SPA140 165.5 37
4% EcoGreen SPA140 202.0 30

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