NoTac is a natural plant based asphalt release agent for truck beds, rollers, pavers & paving tools. NoTac is formulated for dilution with water on-site for use therefore avoiding unnecessary shipping costs associated with pre-diluted products. Once diluted the low viscosity of the NoTac allows for uniform coating of the treated surface. NoTac has been diluted up to 98% water and tested in the field with overwhelmingly positive results.


Dilution Rate – Recommend starting with a dilution ratio of 90% H2O to 10% NoTac concentrate.
Effect on Performance Grade – Diluted NoTac has no detrimental effect on the asphalt mix or binder.

Binder G*/Sin(δ) kPa Phase Angle ° PG Grade °C
PG67-22 No NoTac Application 1.37 87.7 70.2
PG67-22 With NoTac Application 1.31 87.8 70.0

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