Binder Modification

PAVSAV is a USA based technology that is 100% Green and produced from a patented chemical reaction of plant materials. PAVSAV has been used since 2007 by terminals to modify PG64/67-22 base asphalts to PG58-28 and PG52-34. The low volatility of the additive at asphalt storage temperatures allows for the use of up to 10% PAVSAV to modify the base asphalt while still meeting DOT VOC requirements (mass loss). The additional benefit provided by PAVSAV is once blended into the asphalt binder it also acts as a Warm-Mix Pus Rejuvenator additive thus allowing for reduced mixing and compaction temperatures and permitting High RAP & RAS levels while meeting target Mix PG.

PG 64-22 → PG 58-28
PG 64-22 → PG 52-34
PG 58-28 → PG 52-34



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