PAVSAV is a USA based technology that is 100% Green and produced from a patented chemical reaction of plant materials. Warm Mix effect is a combination of mix viscosity reduction coupled with improved slip/glide properties of the binder coating the mix aggregates that enhance workability and compaction at reduced paving temperatures. PAVSAV contributes to both these properties by dispersing the asphaltenes in the binder, especially in increased RAP/RAS mixes. The resulting mix can be produced and compacted 30-70°F below conventional HMA temperatures. This improved workability extends the paving window for Projects using PAVSAV, as well as the overall paving season for the contractor in the cooler Fall/Winter months. PAVSAV is compatible with both virgin binders and modified binders, including PPA modified binders. PAVSAV is the first novel combination of Rejuvenation Plus Warm Mix.

  • Approved Warm-Mix in Texas
  • Approved Warm-Mix in Kansas



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