REpave is a proprietary reaction of natural vegetable oils to facilitate the production and application of cold mix patching asphalt. REpave is designed to be compatible with all grades of asphalt binders and aggregates allowing for flexibility of use without restrictions. REpave does not contain any solvents and therefore has none of the dangers associated with conventional patching additives and is a safe alternative for workers and the environment.


How does REpave address the key performance characteristics expected of a good cold mix patching blend?

  • Workability – REpave reduces the viscosity and increases the lubricity of the asphalt binder. This allows the coated aggregates to flow freely even at ambient temperatures.
  • Moisture Resistance – REpave includes an adhesive agent that migrates to the surface of the aggregates and prevents the intrusion of any moisture that could cause stripping.
  • Rut Resistance – Once the pot-hole is filled with the REpave mixture, the exterior mix creates a hard barrier to withstand the weight of traffic loads. The interior mix stays flexible to allow for movement due to traffic and changes in ambient temperatures.

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