A patented product, DOTC-LT is the tack of the future, here in the present. DOTC-LT is an innovative warm-applied (250°F+) 100% solid low-tracking tack coat.

DOTC-LT is a warm-applied alternative to spray paver applied tack. It can be applied as low as 250°F. DOTC-LT is cool to touch within 30 seconds after application and can be driven on/paved upon in minutes. Additionally, our tack can be produced at the terminal or contractor facilities without high shear or emulsion milling. DOTC-LT combines the benefit of bond strength performance and safety in one.

DOTC-LT Benefit Highlights:

  • Hauling 100% solids vs 60% solids in emulsions
  • Application rates of 0.03-0.20 gallons/square yard
  • Low viscosity allows for excellent coverage
  • Ductility allows for flexibility under loading or harsh winter conditions
  • No adverse environmental impact compared to emulsifiers in solvent and water-based emulsions


Evaluation of Various Tack Coat Materials Using Interface Shear Device and Recommendations on a Simplified Device – Ozer & Rivera – Perez


Safety Data Sheet

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