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PAVSAV™ is a renewable USA based rejuvenator and warm-mix technology that is 100% green and produced from plant materials.

PAVSAV™ is a patented asphalt rejuvenator that is unique in composition and performance. HPLC data shows that PAVSAV™ mimics the malthenes phase of the asphalt binder and supplements the malthenes component to produce the performance effects of rejuvenation, asphaltenes dispersion, viscosity reduction and improvement in low temperature flexibility. PAVSAV™ is compatible with both virgin binders and polymer modified binders.

PAVSAV™ Benefit Highlights:

  • Can be used with RAP, RAS or RAP + RAS mixtures
  • Achieve Density with problematic mixes or cold weather
  • Reduced mixing and compaction temperatures
  • Renewable and 100% Green Technology
  • Low temperature binder grade bumping:
    • PG 64-22 → PG 58-28
    • PG 64-22 → PG 52-34
    • PG 58-28 → PG 52-34


Effect of Recycling Agent on the Performance of High-RAP and High-RAS Mixtures: Field and Lab Experiments – Tran, Xie, Julian, Taylor, Willis, Robbins & Buchanan


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