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Improve Workability. Improve Roads. Solve Problems. Environmentally Conscious.

Looking for better-quality, cost-effective asphalt solutions? Facing a challenging asphalt project? We all know how valuable our road networks are. The upkeep and building of our roadways can be costly. We offer both hot and cold products for a variety of workable and effective solutions for your high-performance mixes. All additives have been designed and tested to suit your asphalt needs. Explore our solutions.

Solutions built for your needs.

Your Problem

Our Solution

Our Product

We are having trouble achieving proper Compaction and Density in the field.

Our Compaction Aids and Warm-Mix Additives provide ease of Density in RAP/RAS mixes, cold weather paving & allow reduced mixing temperatures down to 240∞F.

We have a loss of adhesion between surface aggregate and asphalt on our Project: Raveling,

Our high-performance, environmentally conscious   anti-strip additives that can improve the strength of asphalt to aggregate adhesion by reducing the surface tension. This can mitigate the stripping and the deterioration of asphalt leading to costly repairs.   

Water in my RAP/RAS is causing me to have inconsistent compaction.

Our high-performance anti-strip technologies reduce the effect of rain and moisture on the variability of RAP/RAS stockpiles.

We need to improve the Tensile Strength Ratio (TSR) or our mixture

Our economical anti strip additives improve asphalt mixture TSR ratio and wet strength.

Our State allows Polyphosphoric Acid (PPA). However, our aggregates need an anti-strip. We need a PPA compatible anti-strip.

Our anti-strips are compatible with PPA modification and we offer our extensive R&D laboratory to formulate for your needs.

We want to use more RAP or RAS in my asphalt mixture. However, we have concerns with compaction and/or premature pavement cracking.

Our rejuvenation technology is tested and proven since 2006 in all weather conditions to facilitate the use of both RAP and RAS. 

We want to modify a PG64-22 to a PG58-28 and PG52-34.

Our PAVSAV asphalt binder modifier can be used modify binder grades down while still meeting VOC guidelines.

We need to modify a:
• PG76-22 to a PG82-22
• PG58-28 to a PG70-28
• PG58-34 to a PG70-34

Our SPA140 can achieve a grade bumps while having minimal impact on low temperature cracking. In addition, it provides field compaction benefits.

We need a road patching and pothole repair mix (quick repairs).

Our COLD MIX additive is designed to be compatible with most grades of asphalt binders and aggregates allowing for flexibility of use without restrictions. 

Our State requires Multiple Stress Creep Recovery (MSCR) Specifications to be met. 

Our polymer crossing-linking agents are fast acting, low corrosive, free-flowing. They provide long-term storage stability while meeting Elastic Recovery & MSCR Specifications.

ReactiLINK, ReactiLINK XP, ReactiBOND & ReactiLINK LQ

We currently produce Polymer Modified Asphalt (PMA) but wish to do so with a liquid alternative to avoid dust.

Our ReactiLINK LQ is a stable liquid cross-linking agent which allows for minimal handling while providing excellent storage stability for your Polymer Modified Asphalt (PMA) binders.

We need a Trackless Tack.

Our Low Tracking Tack Coat technologies are approved in over 10 States and provide far more flexibility than our competitors.

We need a Longitudinal Joint Seal or Crack Filler.

Our SPA140 product line can be used to make your own Crack Filler of Joint Seal using local asphalt binder. Alternatively, our Low Tracking Tack Coats can be modified to work effectively for the same application.

We are having Tracking issues with Tack on my job.

Our Low Tracking Tack Coat technologies are the perfect replacement for conventional emulsion Tacks with tracking issues.

We place fabric and find it picking up on tires or sliding during placement on my jobs.

Our Low Tracking Tack Coat technologies are quick setting but still allow for grip on to fabrics to hold them in-place during construction with no slippage.

We produce asphalt rubber mixes but want better compaction and less stickiness in my mix. 

Our RheopaveTM XP10 additive is a patented technology designed specifically to improve performance and compaction of rubber-modified asphalt (RMA).

We use the dry process to make our GTR mixes. Do you have any options?

Our RheopaveTM XP10 can be used in both the wet and dry process to produce rubber-modified asphalt (RMA) mixtures.

We want to make a harder roofing liquid asphalt binder without making it more brittle.

Our FlexBit products are compatible with many asphalt liquids and provide drastically improved stiffness benefit than conventional SBS.

We have a mix which is sticking to our truck beds, paver screed, and tools. 

Our NoTac Release Agent is diluted on site with water to provide user control and drastically reduce build-up of conventional asphalt mixes.