Our COLD MIX additive is designed to be compatible with most grades of asphalt binders and aggregates allowing for flexibility of use without restrictions.

Our COLD MIX liquids are a proprietary blend of natural vegetable oils to facilitate the production and application of cold mix patching asphalt. They do not contain any harmful solvents and therefore have none of the dangers associated with conventional patching additives. Using our COLD MIX can reduce emissions compared to burning fuels to heat traditional hot mix asphalt (HMA). Our COLD MIX formulations are a safe alternative for workers and the environment.

COLD MIX Benefit Highlights:

  • Environmentally friendly and safe compared to solvent-based options
  • Can be designed for both warm or cold weather climates
  • Formulated to be a High-Performance Cold Mix Liquid
  • Can be stockpiled or bagged for future use


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