A unique Softening Point enhancer, FLEXBIT SP is an additive that has been proven to be compatible with a wide range of asphalt binder grades.

FLEXBIT SP is a green and natural additive that enhances product performance and improves processing efficiency for our customers. In roofing applications, FLEXBIT SP promotes Softening Point enhancement while having minimal impact on low temperature properties. FLEXBIT SP can be used with polymer to optimize roofing asphalt formulations.

FLEXBIT SP Benefit Highlights:

  • Increased Softening Pointing & Stiffness Modulus
  • Compatible with Polymer Modifiers
  • No High Shear Blending Required
  • Decreased Penetration
  • Improved Ductility at 25°C
  • Reduced Viscosity

Sample ID

Softening Point, °F



Control + 1% FLEXBIT


Control + 2% FLEXBIT


Control + 3% FLEXBIT



Safety Data Sheet

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