FASTAC-AP is a liquid anti-strip that is compatible with Polyphosphoric Acid (PPA) modification.

FASTAC-AP is an anti-strip formulated for States that have problematic, highly moisture susceptible aggregates or liquid AC. It is developed to be usable with PPA modified asphalts.

FASTAC-AP Benefit Highlights:

  • Low odor compared to higher value amine-based anti-strip products
  • Non-corrosive to pumps, pipelines, and storage tanks
  • Can be used in States which allow modification with PPA.

Sample ID

Performance Grade, °C

Base Asphalt PG67-22

70.3 – XX.X (PG70 - XX)

Base Asphalt PG67-22 + 1% PPA

80.8 – XX.X (PG76 - XX)

Base Asphalt PG67-22 + 1% PPA + 0.5% Competitor A Anti-Strip

74.6 – XX.X (PG70 - XX)

Base Asphalt PG67-22 + 1% PPA + 0.5% Competitor B Anti-Strip

73.0 – XX.X (PG70 - XX)

Base Asphalt PG67-22 + 1% PPA + 0.5% Fastac-AP Anti-Strip

79.0 – XX.X (PG76 - XX)

Control Fastac-AP
Fastac-AP After

Alternative Anti-Strip Technologies:


An NTPEP approved, low amine-based anti-strip for all liquid types and various aggregates.


An economical solution for contractors who need minimal increase in TSR or Hamburg performance


For very problematic aggregates or liquid AC with high moisture susceptibility issues


A combination liquid anti-strip and compaction aid for lower mixing temperatures and improve workability with RAP & RAS


Safety Data Sheet

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