Rejuvenation Spray is what you need? We have it.

Looking to bring some life back to your pavement without re-striping? Conventional asphalt emulsions can be a hassle for this, it’s a good idea to seek out alternatives. Wouldn’t it be nice if they would come out with a durable sealer that can be used early and late in the season? Green Asphalt Technologies (GAT) has! GAT developed SprayTac to be that replacement. Bonus, it’s an environmental-friendly, plant-based rejuvenator. Our ‘hassle-free’ SpracyTac is great for resurfacing parking lots, roadways, highways, subdivisions, and more. Working with BondSeal, LLC we’ve trialed the latest iteration of surface rejuvenation spray to provide even more penetration depth.

Interested in environmentally friendly rejuvenator spray? Looking for hassle-free sealing? Contact us today!